Autumn Scenery

It’s starting to get colder and the outdoor scenery is really changing. Taking a morning walk requires a little more preparation now – a light jacket, maybe a scarf, and a pair of gloves. Stepping outside and feeling the brisk air really wakes you up! Here are some views from sidewalks and paths that show that it is suddenly the middle of autumn. The seasons change so quickly.

It is still chilly and a hot chocolate would be a good way to warm up – maybe later…

The walk is almost complete when a bright pop of color appears, but these leaves are on the ground, not on trees. It’s part of the fun of walking because you get to see unexpected things like this.

For more walks see the Jo’s Monday Walks series.


28 thoughts on “Autumn Scenery

  1. A lovely walk, Meg. I am coming over to your place for hot chocolate. I can smell the delicious aroma through the WIFI. This is my favouite seasons, when colour and the chill in the air remind me that winter months of tea and books are soon upon us.

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    • I’ll get out a mug for your hot chocolate Rebecca! I think fall is wonderful too – it’s a great time for walks outdoors and maybe move a little faster to keep warm… 🙂


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