Flowers with a View

Flowers are charming on their own, but some flowers have the distinction (and advantage) of being set in different places in Italy with remarkable views. Here are some examples.

Flowers in Tuscany:



Flowers on balconies:

It would appear that flowers with lovely views are everywhere!


28 thoughts on “Flowers with a View

  1. A few years ago I enrolled in a Italian language class. Domenico was an amazing teacher who came to Canada for a visit. He met a young woman and, as he said it so beautifully in Italian it was โ€œAmore a prima vistaโ€ Love at first sight. He was an avid gardener who told me that the sun shone differently in Italy. Vancouver is in a rainforest environment while Calabria which is a Mediterranean climate. He said flowers in Italy thrive because the sun shines differently. Your fabulous photos confirm that Domenico knew what he was talking about.

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    • That is such a great story Rebecca! I’ve often noticed that the flowers in Italy are very bright and colorful, from outdoor gardens to balconies. It’s good to know the reason why!

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