Collecting Postcards

Meggie always thought that one of the most enjoyable things about going on family car trips was collecting souvenirs. She saved placemats from restaurants that had puzzles to solve and mazes to navigate. She also liked shells (mostly unbroken) from the beach as well as maps from museums. But the postcards she collected became some of her favorite souvenirs. One time Meggie bought an album of postcards that she could look at like a book.

This was another exciting place to visit!

Today she has a drawer full of postcards from places she has been. They are still wonderful souvenirs and they bring back delightful memories.


18 thoughts on “Collecting Postcards

  1. That’s exactly what I always do, too. Instead of buying souvenirs, I collect maps and keep my train/bus/museum tickets and keep them in a box. I can never throw those memories away and it’s always fun to see where we’ve been on a particular date. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

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  2. How fun to go back and browse through the cards from places you’ve visited. My grandparents (who lived in Europe) used to send me postcards all the time, and it was so much fun. Back in those olden days (before technology was invented) they were much better quality than photos.:-)
    And your postcard of Bryce Canyon has convinced me to go there!

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    • You must have gotten some wonderful postcards from your grandparents! Getting a postcard in the mail always made me want to visit that place… Bryce Canyon is an amazing destination!

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  3. What a great selection of postcards! I can’t remember the last time I received a postcard but I can remember the last time I sent one! There is a twitter account with the name of Postcard from the Past with the twitter handle @PastPostcard (I haven’t used a link just in case you prefer not to have links in comments). They tweet a different postcard most days but also add some of what was written on the back; sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, but often interesting.

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    • Thanks! I mostly buy postcards now when I travel – it’s been a while since I received one. I’ll have to check that site because I just really like postcards… πŸ™‚

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