Postcards and Photos

After a trip it’s fun to reminisce by looking at photos. I’ve also accumulated quite a collection of postcards.  Sometimes I think I take so many pictures I shouldn’t need postcards, but that doesn’t seem to matter when I’m looking for souvenirs.

When I was in Italy a few years ago I wondered if I should I buy this postcard.

… or should I buy this one?

I couldn’t decide, so I got them both!

Then there’s the somewhat competitive idea of whether my photo is as good as a postcard of the same scene.  I took a picture of telephone boxes in Cambridge, England.  Then I bought a postcard that was similar.  I can’t decide which one is the better likeness, but I’m glad to have both for the sake of comparison.

My Photo:

The postcard:

I also like unusual postcards from different places.  This is a unique card of the astronomical clock in Prague.  There’s a little paper wheel on the side of the postcard that turns and shows the scenes on the clock changing the way it does when you see it in person.

Postcards are classic souvenirs.  And I’ve enjoyed mine, so they were worth buying!


21 thoughts on “Postcards and Photos

  1. Your telephone boxes photo is definitely the best! The old building and greenery add so much more interest. The postcard is blande in comparison. My parents always saved postcards sent to them over the years and I inherited their collection after they both passed. I sometimes look through their old collection and wonder how much the scenery has changed in various parts of the world over the years. 🙂

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  2. Postcards take you places and that’s why I love them very much, too. One of things I used to do whenever I was traveling around the world – I mail one to myself on every trip I take, and they’re among my most treasured possessions. Postcards you send home not only arrive with whatever you’ve written, but also cool stamps and postmarks from around the world, usually with the date included in the postmark, too. Cheers and have a good day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

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  3. Postcards in the mail is always a thing of the past. I have just purchased a fountain pen and ink and intend to increase my letter writing this year, using cursive writing. What an adventure it will be to learn how to fill my pen with ink. Holding my breath so I don’t have any ink spillage.

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