A Grand Canyon Walk

My parents talked about taking a family vacation to the Grand Canyon when I was ten. Although that trip didn’t work out I never forgot about going there and finally went for a visit a couple of years ago. It was as rugged and spectacular as I had imagined.

As I walked (slowly) on one of the trails I got passed by many hikers, but that was fine because my objective was to look around and take lots of pictures. When I passed the Bright Angel Trail and saw all the groups starting off on their adventures I thought about following them. But after a few steps on the steep and narrow path I decided the Rim Trail was enough of a challenge!  

By staying on a wider trail I could safely admire the views and find places to take photos.  These were more scenes from that day.

Here’s a bird in a tree by the edge of the canyon.

My Grand Canyon visit was unforgettable and worth the long wait!


26 thoughts on “A Grand Canyon Walk

  1. Lived 75 miles from the Grand Canyon for 20 years. Took hundreds of friends to see the Canyon. My husband and his hunting buddies haked into the canyon once. Beautiful place. So glad you got to visit the Grand Canyon.

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  2. Great post and wonderful photos, Meg. My friends had a chance to visit Grand Canyon fifteen years ago and they still talk about the trip to this day, goes to show you how can certain places leave a such a lasting impression on people. Can’t wait to visit one day and see it for myself. Cheers and have a good day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

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  3. Isn’t it delightful when a trip we’ve dreamed about finally comes to fruition? Wonderful to see and hear about your Grand Canyon adventure, Meg, I enjoyed the beautiful wonder of this remarkable place on earth.

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