Dogwood Trees in Bloom

While I was on a walk I saw these dogwood trees – one blooming in white and the other in pink – under a bright blue sky.

And there are so many more flowers coming soon!

This is for the Flower of the Day challenge.


22 thoughts on “Dogwood Trees in Bloom

  1. Lovely post and wonderful photos, Meg. The Dogwood offers an unmatched four-season display of beauty, and I love its showy white and pink flowers that herald the arrival of spring. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day. Aiva πŸ™‚ xxx

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  2. Wonderful photo captures, Meg! I was looking up the symbolism related to Dogwood Trees – rebirth, durability, purity, strength…. The Dogwoods are out in full bloom in Vancouver – it feels so good.

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