Flowers in January

Happy New Year! There aren’t any outdoor flowers in bloom where I am but here are some pictures from Kew Gardens I took a couple of years ago. It was a sunny day in May and I saw so many beautiful scenes like these.

This was a good choice for lunch.

It was a lovely day for flowers – I hope it isn’t long before spring is back!


12 thoughts on “Flowers in January

  1. Thank you Meg for these photos. We were to have visited Kew Gardens in 2020, but alas the trip had to be postponed. Perhaps when we do come, we can walks through Kew Gardens together. When we visited in 2017, my son had arranged a Industrial Revolution tour. He said that we were going to Kew Bridge, which I thought was the same as Kew Gardens. I soon found out that Bridge and Gardens are entirely different. So instead of flowers (although they had lovely flowers around the buildings) I was introduced to amazing steam engines. An unforgettable experience. Happy New Year, my friend. The adventures continue…

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  2. Happy New Year to you Meg. I hope you had a chance to make the most of the festive season despite the ongoing pandemic crises! I love seeing photos of flowers in January as the weather is quite dreary in Ireland and everything seems to be grey! Aiva 🙂

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