Hydrangea in October

Last month I took a picture of a hydrangea that had just bloomed. Here is that photo and another one I took of the same hydrangea over the weekend. There’s such a contrast! It’s been quite a year for flowers.


This is for the FOTD Challenge.


Summer Flowers

There have been so many colorful flowers this summer I thought I’d share these pictures. Some are from my garden and others are from walks I’ve taken. It’s also been a wonderful year for hydrangeas – I’ve seen them with pink, blue and white blossoms. Flowers are part of what makes summer so memorable…

Hydrangeas in June

This spring has been a wonderful time for bright, colorful flowers. A few days ago the hydrangeas in my front yard started to bloom. Last year they mostly produced leaves, but now there are flowers like this.

Some are blue and some are almost blue…

It’s been an lovely year for flowers!

This is for the FOTD Challenge.